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20 Years WOW!


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We are now officially into our 20th year! 

From but a small acorn, SFI has grown into a tall and mighty oak tree, with strong and deep roots.

But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…because we planted an entire FOREST…and it’s spreading across every country in the world.

Happy anniversary to SFI and all its thousands of awesome affiliates across the globe!

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

The greatest power we all possess is the power of choice. Every day we wake up and make choices that impact our lives. From the small choices to the big ones all of them play a major factor in how we develop in our lives. When you have made the choice to transform yourself into a better person then you are making one of the most impactful choices of your life. Improving the way you function can help you live a more productive and fulfilling life. To change you must first prepare your mind so that your body and actions will follow your desires.

Figure out a way to motivate yourself mentally for a positive change in your life. People trying to lose weight should picture an image of their body a few months from now when they take off a shirt. Anyone that wants to become more cultured and travel should look forward to any upcoming trips they have planned for the future. Whatever you have to do to motivate yourself mentally do it. You cannot hope to change if you do not change the way you think. Get rid of any negative thoughts you have in your head and focus on the positive. Positive reinforcement can go a long way in motivating you to stick to your goals.

What is it that you want to change about yourself? Do you want to make a significant change in your body type or the way you act? Are you interested in making more money? Sit down and actually think about the type of person you want to develop into. Personal development relies heavily on the goals you set forth. Clearly outline your goals to ensure that you have a clear understanding of what type of person you wish to change into.

Devise a strategy towards personal development. A lot of people that want a positive change in their life get a life coach. A life coach is someone that motivates you in every aspect of life. This person acts as your guide and disciplinary measure should you stray from your path towards development. Your life coach does not have to be a professional; a friend or family member can be your life coach. Consider talking to someone you can rely on to keep you motivated through every step you take as you try and develop into a better version of yourself.

Every day write down what you are going to do to change. Put a quick note on your phone so you have access to it at all times. Constantly remind yourself how you are going to change as the day progresses. At the end of the day rate yourself and then reflect on the good things you did and then on some of the things you could have done better. Work towards changing who you are every day and before you know it you will be a much better person. Even if you don’t feel different everyone else around you will notice a difference in you.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Frank Mosley

The Benefits of Affiliate/Multilevel Marketing

The Benefits of Affiliate/Multilevel Marketing

There are significant benefits to anyone that is network marketing using multi-level marketing opportunities. Over the last few decades, Affiliate/Multilevel marketing has become one of the major opportunities for earning extra income for many individuals. Why only extra income? Typically, individuals apply their Affiliate/Multilevel marketing skills on a part-time basis, and create profits directly in accordance with the available time they have.

However, some individuals over time have ended up quitting their day jobs, regardless of the amount of their salary, and have devoted all of their attention to building a successful network marketing company.

Exactly what would lead any individual from maintaining stable employment? There are several advantages in becoming successful at Affiliate/Multilevel marketing.

Unlimited Income

No matter the amount that you currently earn, you are likely either an employee of a company, or self-employed. Either way you are likely limited in the amount of income you can generate. The inability to create more money is usually stifled by the fact that you are only given 24 hours every day.

Therefore, the only way to create unlimited income is to take a different tack, and generate a business built on allowing others to make money for you.


Developing Residual Income

When you can generate residual income, you can gain unlimited funds by having others continuously supply you with money. Residual income works much like royalties or dividends, provided to investors, writers and composers. They keep earning money on the same business they did years ago.

Affiliate/Multilevel marketing allows you to build a dedicated team of individuals that sell products and services for you. As long as the products continue to be repurchased, you will receive residual income forever.

Work Anytime, Anywhere

One of the significant benefits to working Affiliate/Multilevel marketing as a successful network marketing business is that you are always your own boss. It is you that determine how you want your network to work, and who your recruited partners will be. You have total freedom and exactly how it plays out, and can work the hours and days you wish.


Low Initial Costs

If you ever tried to start a business before, you recognize the bureaucratic red tape, licensing, and taxes involved in getting started. However, Affiliate/Multilevel marketing, the entire infrastructure is already set up for you, with only minimal initial costs due upfront. Typically, the services and products you provide are not purchased by you, but through you and your organization.


A path already taken

The entire system of Affiliate/Multilevel marketing is already been pre·design with all the kinks and problems worked out. It is a path already taken by others, who have become successful in selling services and products as a distributor.

Affiliate/Multilevel marketing is an effective network marketing business because it requires no pre-qualifications. You will need no previous work experience, or education. Your age does not matter, whether you are just beginning adulthood, or well past your retirement years.

Before getting started in network marketing, it is important to fully research the company and the products and services they provide.


Have a great day.

Frank Mosley

Dangers To Avoid When Working From Home…

Working from home is a dream for many people. Women especially, dream to be able to make a living from the comfort of their home, while taking care of the kids and of household chores. While this is absolutely possible and many persons are successfully doing it, you need to be aware of potential dangers that may keep you away from success.

Losing one’s focus is one of these dangers. Know that your home is your office, it’s very easy to get distracted from your work by those dishes that need washing or by those kids who need pampering. You need to make a clear separation between the two facets and stick to your business tasks until you get them done before moving into domestic issues. A clear work schedule would probably help, so try to make one and follow it closely.

When you work from home, the fridge is probably in your sight most part of the day. Do not take snacks every 30 minutes or so, no matter how tempting this may be. It’s so easy to put on a lot of extra weight when you don’t realize how much you are actually eating. Have your meals at the same time each day and don’t munch on any snacks while you are at your computer. Work should be work, meals should be meals. Keep the two separate, if you want to work from home and still fit inside your clothes.

Running a home-based business may lead to a lack of exercise. When you need to commute to a job every day, you do things you don’t even notice: you walk, you climb stairs, or you may even run sometimes, if you’re late. When your office is two steps away from your bedroom, you eliminate all that exercise. If you don’t replace it with some other form of exercise, you’ll soon be out of shape. It’s very important to stay fit, so stop every two hours and do some sort of effort. Yoga is excellent for home workers, because it doesn’t require a lot of space and a lot of time. You can choose a few poses that work best for you and practice them in chunks of 15-20 minutes, several times a day.

Perhaps the biggest danger of working from home is mixing work and leisure time in such a way that you end up with the sensation that you worked straight for 15 hours every day, when in fact you only worked less than half that time. It’s best if you can put a time limit where you stop office tasks and call it a day. Otherwise, you may start neglecting your spouse, your family duties and your friends. You’ll feel tired, because your body will believe you worked late, when actually you played 100 computer games in-between those office tasks you achieved.

Running a successful real income home business while staying sane required discipline, focus and control. If you don’t lose yourself to procrastination, you’ll be much happier than a 9 to 5 worker. It’s entirely up to you.

To your success,
Frank Mosley
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