Is Your Real Income Home Business Failing? Well It Doesn’t Have To Be….

By | November 30, 2014

Those who were successful with a real income home based business owe their success to a larger upfront investment, and a higher education.  Success is often determined by how many years of experience you have in a given field, and sometimes by even your age.

Having your own real income home business doesn’t mean that you will have to work less than you would if you were employed by a corporation. Most business owners just don’t have the perseverance it takes to make the business a success. Without a goal, budget or business plan, your business will undoubtedly fail, especially if you aren’t willing to put the required hours of work.

Instead of adding to the 90% failure rate of home business owners, become the 10% who succeeds. It is a long and tiring road to making ends meet as a self-employed individual, but it can become a rewarding experience. By choosing the right niche and planning carefully, you can be on your way to success!

Most entrepreneurs looking to start their own real income home businesses often calculate all of their business expenses, but overlook their personal living costs. Most real income home businesses will not turn a full profit until a few years after the start of the business. You can fail simply because you have overlooked the cost of your personal living. Keep in mind, your bills will still need to be paid, regardless of how well or unwell your business is doing.

Don’t rush into a business just because it seems like something that would turn a quick profit. Make sure you are passionate about the field you are looking to open your business in and have years of experience that you can show. What’s even more important is that you have a good amount of money that you are able to invest for your start-up costs. You shouldn’t be ignoring the money you need to spend on your personal living expenses.

Most people who have started their own home businesses did so because they wanted to determine their own working hours. Unfortunately, people often overlook that in the first stages of the business, you need to put in extra hours of work to really make your real income home business successful. Meanwhile, most employed by companies work 40 hours a week, those who are self-employed can be left working for more than 60. This can become a hindrance and can lead those who are self-employed back to their origins of working for a corporation.

Almost 90% of all home business owners fail within their first year of establishment. Most business owners just give up and refuse to give their businesses a second thought. This type of negative thinking can seriously cost you emotionally and physically. Don’t let your real income home business fail, understand what not to do in order to succeed!

Don’t close the virtual doors of your real income home based business just because the going gets tough. Giving up shouldn’t be an option, not after all of the time you’ve invested in wanting to make your business work. Some careful and simple planning on your part can be all it takes to make it work.

To Your Success,
Frank Mosley


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