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20 Years WOW!

  We are now officially into our 20th year!  From but a small acorn, SFI has grown into a tall and mighty oak tree, with strong and deep roots. But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet…because we planted an entire FOREST…and it’s spreading across every country in the world. Happy anniversary to SFI and all its… Read More »

Change Your Mind Change Your Life

Change Your Mind Change Your Life The greatest power we all possess is the power of choice. Every day we wake up and make choices that impact our lives. From the small choices to the big ones all of them play a major factor in how we develop in our lives. When you have made… Read More »

The Benefits of Affiliate/Multilevel Marketing

[monkeytools msnip=”http://popupmonkey.com/popup/228/215.js”] The Benefits of Affiliate/Multilevel Marketing There are significant benefits to anyone that is network marketing using multi-level marketing opportunities. Over the last few decades, Affiliate/Multilevel marketing has become one of the major opportunities for earning extra income for many individuals. Why only extra income? Typically, individuals apply their Affiliate/Multilevel marketing skills on a… Read More »

Dangers To Avoid When Working From Home…

Working from home is a dream for many people. Women especially, dream to be able to make a living from the comfort of their home, while taking care of the kids and of household chores. While this is absolutely possible and many persons are successfully doing it, you need to be aware of potential dangers… Read More »

Announcing…$20, $40, and $100 Signing Bonuses!

Effective immediately, we’ve added a very exciting new incentive for all new  SFI  affiliates: SIGNING BONUSES!   What’s a Signing Bonus (SB)? Like the name suggests, it’s a bonus you now qualify for when you sign up with  SFI.     Have a great day. Frank